These Terms of use for 123DCP states the responsibility that 123DCP takes for the delivery of requested services. They specify the terms of use of the website and the services offered. By accessing the Website and/or using our services, you agree to follow the regulations cited in the present document.

123DCP offers a service for Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation and the delivery of those DCP on various support.

1. How to use

After filling of the order form, a cost estimate will be generated for the selected parameters. The order execution begins after the receipt of a source file in a format complying with the technical requirements in the order form. The payment must be made using Paypal. The DCP will start encoding and will become available on the user’s account for download as soon as it is ready. Physical copies will be produced if selected in the order form and will be shipped to the customer’s address when ready. The shipping company takes responsibility of delivering the package in the expected time delivery. The user is responsible for indicating the correct specifications in the Settings step, prior to the DCP creation (ex.: length). If we need to change pricing for various technical reasons, the customer will be notified and will have to accept the new amount to complete the creation of the DCP.

2. Source files quality

The format, resolution and compression of the source file are factors that greatly affect the quality of the DCP. If the video and/or audio source are not of sufficient quality, 123DCP will not be held responsible for problems that can be generated and reserves the right to refuse to produce the DCP. Following the technical guidelines in the order form will help you to get a DCP of optimal quality. It is important to fill out the order form to the best of your knowledge. Every information will be used to generate a DCP and multiple fields also serves to properly identify the DCP for cinema servers according to DCI standards.

3. Ownership

When you upload your source file to produce a DCP, 123DCP intend to use those files only for creating the requested DCP version. The customer remains the owner of its contents at all time. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they hold the necessary rights to the content to produce a DCP version of the source file delivered to 123DCP. We reserve the rights to refuse projects for personal reasons.

4. Delivery time

123DCP put on a fast and efficient delivery. The customer will be informed of the delivery time estimation when ordering. If the time changes, notifications will be sent to the client. Each order generates a different delivery time. If the estimate isn’t acceptable, please contact us before ordering. When the DCP will be generated, a download link will be sent to the customer. A compressed ZIP file will be used to avoid file corruption during transfer through the Internet. If you also requested a copy on a physical medium, you will be notified of the estimated time depending on the plan chosen with the delivery company. For each delivery by FTP, the customer takes the responsibility of delivering the DCP to the screening rooms and following the standards set by each cinemas and/or festivals. We strongly recommend doing a complete viewing of the DCP in a projection room before making distribution to multiple cinemas.

5. Refund & Support

If 123DCP is unable to complete the order, no fee will be charged to the customer or a refund will be made. In case the DCP is completed and delivered, no refund will be made. If the DCP contains errors that are found in the source file, the client will be responsible for correcting errors and 123DCP will decide to offer a discounted rate for the correction. The responsibility of 123DCP is to provide the customer a valid and functional DCP in most screening rooms with DCI compliant servers. If a playback issue is found in a screening room, we will be available to help understand where the problem might be. If the problem comes from the Digital Cinema Package or a physical support provided by 123DCP, we will fix it at no charge. If the problem comes from the physical support or subsequent delivery and it has not been produced by 123DCP, we will give advice on recommended methods but won’t be responsible for bad file management.