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It's reliable, fast and affordable. Our DCP creation service helps independent filmmakers and film production companies delivering their movie in the pro format.


Deliverable in the next 1 to 24 hours


What makes 123dcp so special ?



Your DCP is manually checked and run through a series of test points. We include free quality control on all our deliveries.



Your DCP will start encoding automatically when we receive your movie and can be delivered within the next 1 to 24 hours on business days.



We automated everything we could to keep the price as low as possible.

Upload your movie to us

This is the most efficient way to start your DCP process. Our simple and easy uploader let you upload your movie to our servers.

  • Upload up to 250gb. (that's a 2 hour movie in ProRes format)

DCI Compliant

Depending on the file format you upload, we will create the most widely supported DCP format, in the INTEROP or SMPTE standard. Our DCPs are made following the DCI guidelines, which is what theatres and film festivals require.

  • INTEROP: Legacy standard, most widely accepted. Support 24fps and 48fps frame rates.
  • SMPTE: Newer, but less widely accepted. Supports more frame rates (24fps, 25fps, 30fps, 48fps, 60fps).

Fast & Easy Delivery

Once your file is uploaded, we'll start the encoding right away. That means you get a DCP in the next 1 to 24 hours on business day. You'll get a shareable download link and we provide hosting for up to 6 months.

  • Physical delivery, such as Hard Drive or CRU-Drive will be available for order soon. In the meantime, please contact us if you need your order delivered on a physical support.

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Starting at only $49 CAD, the price is set according to the duration of your media file.


a free trial is also offered before checkout


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How do you ensure quality ?

Although most of the process is automated, we also have a team of qualified technicians who ensures that your DCP is deliverable to theatres. Our facility is connected to a post-production house so we have the resources to test your DCP on a certified player and a theatre screen. Your DCP also goes through a series of digital checkpoints to make sure it's compliant with the industry standards.

What format/specs do you support ?

We intend to create the most widely supported DCP. Depending on the movie file you provide, we will create an INTEROP or SMPTE standard DCP. We take care of frame rate conversions, image resizing and stereo upmixing to ensure your movie looks as sharp as possible on the big screen.
Click here for the full specs list.

How can I view my DCP ?

Reading a DCP file is not natively supported by any operating system, but you can search for a DCP player software. Keep in mind that reading a DCP is intensively demanding for your computer's processor, please test your DCP on a performant computer.

Can I test it before buying ?

Absolutely! Simply follow the steps to create your order and choose "I want a trial" at checkout.

Can I cancel an order ?

You will have to pay the full amount of the order before uploading your movie. However, an immediate refund will always be possible before your order is processed.

How do I distribute my DCP ?

Most of the theatres and film festivals will accept a download link to your DCP. We provide one week of hosting with your order and you have the possibility to extend this hosting to 3 or 6 months. Another option is to copy your DCP on an external Hard-Drive. Additionally, we also offer physical deliveries such as Hard-Drive or CRU-Drive, which meets the industry standards.

What are the delivery options ?

Our automated process will give you a download link to your DCP (ZIP file). We also offer USB, Hard-Drive, CRU-Drive deliveries and LTO backups. Please get in touch with us for your physical delivery needs.

What is a CRU-Drive ?

Some theatres and festivals require CRU-Drive for uniformity and performances purposes. It's a hard-drive enclosed in a fast and reliable solution (DX115) that ensures fast transfer to the projection server. This is the best and most professional solution for delivering your DCP.